Sydney Zoo

Concept design – August 2015

Building designs
DA Lodgement – December 2015
Construction January 2018 – April 2019

The Story

The proposed new series of buildings that are set within the design of the new Sydney Zoo are to be secondary to the main feature, the animals.

Aspect Studios are tasked with the master planning and landscape design.

The primary concept is to have the building mimic the landscape and blend into the existing and proposed new landscape solution for the site. The buildings on the site will each create a point of difference within the area of the master plan, the buildings own expression based on the use and the position.

The form of the buildings will maximises the opportunity offered from the site without impacting on surrounding landscape, and the amenity of the area. The buildings will becomes identifiable from afar, yet sits comfortably in the landscape. The facades, create a visually rich screen of constantly changing patterns of light and movement, expressing its internal functions whether an entry pavilion, retail, workspace, breakout or lobby area, adding an ever changing layer of visual delight to the landscape. A simple palette of materials detailed carefully, creates an impression of quality and longevity. The lack of applied decoration masking the design is clear. Decoration is applied through the layering of light and shadow over the building structures.

Understated yet elegantly simple.