We are Misho + Associates, and our architectural ethos transcends beyond conventional blueprints and structures. We envision architecture as an intimate bond where form and function harmonise, where each line drawn and the material chosen articulate the purpose of a space. This philosophy resonates vividly in our heritage architecture in Tasmania which pursuits across all of this land’s breathtaking landscapes. Our approach to heritage architecture in Tasmania is rooted in purity and we take pride in crafting spaces that pay homage to their historical context while seamlessly incorporating contemporary functionality. Simple lines become our brushstrokes, and expressive materials form our palette. Whether restoring a historic homestead or rejuvenating a century-old building, we celebrate the inherent essence of each structure.

Misho+Associates: Tasmania’s Leading Heritage Architects

Engaging collaboration defines Misho + Associates as your premier heritage architects in Tasmania. From the initial consultation to the final blueprint, our architects forge a close partnership with you, understanding your preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations. Your dwelling should mirror your personality and our dedicated team is committed to delivering designs that not only meet but surpass your expectations. Standing out among Australia’s service providers when searching for heritage architects in Tasmania, our team blends creativity with functionality, infusing sustainable practices into every design. Whether envisioning a modern masterpiece or a traditional haven, our heritage architects possess the expertise to breathe life into your dreams. By choosing our local architects who top the list when seeking heritage architects in Tasmania you’re not merely investing in a home; you’re investing in a partnership prioritising your satisfaction.


Selecting us when you know a dedicated heritage architect in Tasmania is not just preserving history; it’s shaping the future. Our architects seamlessly blend reverence for the past with a visionary outlook. We are Misho + Associates and we design with nature, for the present and generations to come. Contact us now for more information!