CLT architects specialise in crafting innovative structures using Cross-Laminated Timber. Their expertise combines sustainable design, precision engineering, and aesthetic finesse for environmentally conscious and visually striking buildings. Misho + Associates stands out as the leading business that offers top-notch services only the best CLT architects could offer according to the most demanding standards known in the industry. With a vision grounded in sustainable principles, Misho + Associates integrates the innovative use of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) to create structures that not only captivate aesthetically but also contribute to a greener future. We understand the critical role architecture plays in mitigating environmental impact, and our expertise in precision engineering ensures that every project is executed with meticulous care. The marriage of sustainability and precision is evident in the firm’s portfolio, where CLT structures emerge as beacons of eco-friendly innovation.


Art of Visually Striking CLT Architecture


What sets our CLT architects from Misho + Associates apart is their ability to transform the inherent strength and versatility of Cross-Laminated Timber into visually striking buildings. Misho + Associates, as a vanguard in this field, has mastered the art of elevating CLT beyond a mere construction material. Each project our CLT architects undertake is a testament to their creative prowess, seamlessly blending functionality with a distinct aesthetic finesse that leaves a lasting impression.


Misho + Associates has emerged as the go-to destination for those seeking the best CLT architects. The firm’s unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, positions them as industry leaders. Clients entrust Misho + Associates not just for our proficiency in utilising CLT but also for the transformative experiences our architects weave into each architectural masterpiece. Our first class work transcends conventional boundaries, pushing the envelope of what’s achievable in contemporary architecture, making them pioneers in the realm of CLT-driven innovation. Contact us today for more information about our services!